Anne James is not just another fashion company.

First because we don’t believe one size fits all, and prefer to tailor every garment perfectly and uniquely to each of our stellar clients. We offer made-to-measure, custom-fit garments in limited edition fabric choices. The aim is to make the clothes fit you, not have you fit the clothes.

We know you’re a busy woman with constant demands, and that clothes are your armor. They need to be exceptional, so that you can go about your day knowing you look exactly as you should, exactly as you want.

And second because we believe in a careful, mindful, and environmentally conscious approach to fashion creation and production.

These ideals are uncompromising, and we will continue to aim to be almost completely sustainable and ethical in our practices, tracking our sourcing, our energy expenditure, and our waste throughout the design and garment construction process.

Understanding that the various components of the fashion industry form a dangerous threat to our planetary and physical health, our goal is to embrace new technologies in fabric sustainability, recycled and waste fabrics, eco-friendly packaging, and slow fashion techniques into our collections.

We believe in the power of business to give back that which it takes. We believe that fashion can do good. 

About the Designer:

Anne James New York is the sustainability-conscious womenswear label by Anne Whiting.

A graduate of the prestigious Parsons School of Design, Anne’s work has been showcased at New York Fashion Week, Berlin Fashion Week, London Frieze Week, and at PAUSE International Conscious Fashion Pop-Ups. Her acclaimed portfolio while at Parsons focused on eco- and ethical sourcing methods, emphasizing artisanal embroidery, new & recycled textile technology, and upcycled fabrics as an essential part of sustainable design. Anne has also researched sustainable textile development and fashion manufacturing in Milan, Italy and Hoî An, Vietnam.